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Your travel booking platform

Our turnkey solution allows travel agencies and tour operators to sell all travel products online, on a cost-effective and ultra-flexible platform.

From flights to hotels through rental cars, individually or combined, in or outside a static or a dynamic package, your clients will check out with the holiday that perfectly suits their needs in just a few clicks. They can even select de-packaged products, for ultimate customisation.

With our platform as a service (PAAS) solution, managing your platform becomes a breeze. From designing it to connecting it to any third party service, we provide all the services you need to enjoy hassle-free sales.

“The most complete and flexible B2C & B2B e-tourism solution on the market.”

Make it yours!4 reasons you’ll love this hassle-free solution

Custom platform as a service

  • Enjoy an up and running platform rapidly
  • Get connected to any data-source
  • Have us handle all your administrative tasks
  • Let us manage your marketing work (option)

Quick audience building

  • Sell to the whole world (multi-lingual, multi-currency)
  • Open unlimited sales channels (promotional sites, B2B, etc.)
  • Create mark-ups and promotions in a single click
  • Communicate new deals and offers instantly
  • Keep in touch with your customers

Cost-effective solution

  • Enjoy low set up fees
  • Pay for your options only, not others
  • Rely on the safety of an annual rate proportional to your turnover
  • Appreciate an ultra-competitive overall cost

Awesome service

  • See solutions rapidly come live
  • Get help and insights from travel & web experts
  • Obtain support as soon as you need it
  • Benefit from a dedicated account manager
  • Receive responses that fit your very business

Features Here’s what makes your tailor-made travel platform unique

E-Travel connectivity

Select any data source you want to work with. Travelyo offers connectivity to all the e-travel data sources you know, plus ones you didn’t even think of. Manage those you want to connect to or ask us to develop specific connections. Compose your offers while keeping prices 100% dynamic!


Travelyo comes with a full option CMS allowing you to easily manage the content of each page of your site. From search engine to footer and data block, everything is in your hand. Don’t spend a dime on an expert to make changes you can easily do!


Sell and combine any travel product online! An optimized booking process and a modular payment system (credit card, phone, agency or divided payment) supported by a strong back office will make the experience unique for your clients. You’ll just stand out.

Search engines

Beat your competition by being highly visible. Travelyo lets you easily optimise your website so that the search engines rank you on the top. From footer to images, edit any component that matters for search engine optimisation. Plus the platform is connected to social networks, for an even greater visibility!

Multi-lingual & multi-currency

Reach your customers where they are, whatever their language or their country. Thanks to multi-lingual and multi-currency displays, never lose a client on lack of information. Gain new customers daily and build your reputation worldwide.

Reservation management

Travelyo is not all about selling. It’s also about painless post order management. The tool makes it easy to handle bookings with a direct view on orders and payment states, and to send SMS confirmations as needed.

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Erez Bousso, CEO partirenisrael.com